Thursday, April 5, 2012

Donate for Shortrik - Save a life

Update as of 01/27/2013 - Shrotrik is no more with us. After a brave fight for few months he passed away on 01/27/2013. Heartiest condolences to his family.

Thank you is not enough to all who generously contributed to his treatment and help the family to fight this unequal war.

Shrotik has gone through his bone marrow transplant few months back. A big thanks to all of you who has contributed towards his treatment. Shrotrik and his mother are still in Chennai - city where the hospital is located - and Shrotrik has to go to outpatient and sometime get admitted for post bone marrow complications. Treatment is very expensive. Please find below the link with estimate of his treatment cost.

Estimate of Shrotrik's treatment after bone marrow transplant

Please contribute as much as you can, no amount is small even a $5 makes a difference. We together fought this battle, can we not run together last few yards! Again thank you in advance.

Shortrik Dasgupta a nine year old boy who has been suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia since 2008. Now he needs bone marrow transplantation. Family has borne all the expenses until now, for this treatment they have to accumulate 50 lacs Indian Rs (approximately $100,000). If you trust me and my wife Lydia Ray please donate whatever amount is possible for you to try saving the life of a bright young boy. Thank you in advance.

Fundraising Update: $1,102.61 USD by April, 09, 2012

Please do not use these site to post any payments anymore (01/27/2013)

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Name: Shrotrik Dasgupta Age: 9 years sex: male
Address: 95, Jugipara Road, West Bengal, Kolkata-700074

Case History:
First detection of ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia) by Dr. Amitabha Pahari on 15th Nov, 2008 at Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata. Patient brought to Chennai and admitted at Apollo Specialty Hospital under Dr. Revathi Raj: DCH, MRCP (Paediatrics) UK MRCP Path (Heamatology) UK Bone Marrow Aspiration Cytology(BMA) done on 22nd Nov, 2008 showed 70% blast and when correlated with flow cytometry the final diagnosis made was CALLA positive ALL. Treatment started was based on UK protocol of ALL Regimen A.

By 2nd December 2008, the MRD in the marrow had gone down to 1.2%. As a result of the good response to chemotherapy Shrotrik was admitted on 11th January, 2009 for Chemo port insertion and after its successful implantation, was discharged on 13th January, 2009. From then on till the end of treatment the port was used for chemotherapy. The entire period of three years of treatment Shrotrik responded well to the treatment. The port was removed on 14th December, 2011 and the treatment ended with the final dose of vincristine on 6th January, 2012.
On 27th February, 2012 Shrotrik had to be admitted at Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata with inflamed scrotal wall and bilateral exploration for suspected testicular torsion. No torsion was found.
Since 5th March, 2012 he started getting fever and painful swellings appeared on the legs. He was brought back to Apollo Chennai on 13th March, 2012 and a CBC and Bone Marrow Aspiration revealed a relapse of ALL with 22% blasts in the blood and 66.4% blasts in the bone marrow. Fortunately enough number of MRD was detected in the Cerebro-Spinal Fluid.

Treatment has started according to ALL 3 protocol, after being readmitted at Apollo Specialty, Chennai. Based on the MRD found at the end of a month long treatment, the bone marrow transplant will occur.
Appeal from the Family:
From Nov, 2008 till January, 2012 approximately 16 lakhs of rupees have been spent on his treatment which has mostly been borne by his grandfather and partly by his parents. But now, an estimated 50 lakhs will be needed for the next treatment of which 25 lakhs approximately will be for the stem cell transplant alone.
We shall be much obliged if you can extend whatever help possible. Help us in saving Shrotrik’s life.
Thanking everyone for the solidarity.